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When we wake up, the dream experience is as real as our waking experience much of the time.  Many people dismiss dreams because they don’t seem to make sense but that is because they arise from our creative brain, not our rational brain that is often biased by our history. Also most people feel they have to remember the whole dream, but even a fragment of a dream has pearls of information! 


Sometimes it can be of comfort to know that you have another intelligence, a constant companion that watches over you, that speaks to you in creative images and scenarios serving to enhance and expand your emotional and spiritual development.

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Dreams & Dreamwork

Working with dreams has always been an important part of my work as a psychotherapist. Attending the International Institute for the Study of Dreams and Imagery, we traveled to France, Iceland, South Africa and Brazil to learn how other cultures work with dreams.  I also studied dreams with a Native American medicine man. 


I have come to consider dreams a messenger from our deeper wisdom.  They shed light on how we feel about situations and relationships in our lives.  They warn us about physical issues and they wake us up to situations that need immediate tending.  They also offer contact with loved ones that have crossed over as well as a profound experiences of the divine. 

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