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"Carpe Diem"

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Get expert and compassionate help today. Together we can identify and address whatever is causing you to suffer. Together we can expand your vision for what is possible.

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Working with

Liza Johnson

My greatest joy is supporting and assisting my clients on the path to self-discovery and self-fulfillment. I offer a deep understanding of how patterns of behavior get created that cause suffering and the possibilities for transformation. I value all levels of personal history including dreams, body symptoms and desires for spirituality. I am a seeker of knowledge and have studied a wide variety of perspectives on what promotes the conditions for psychological and spiritual wellness. Working with me will provide you a multifaceted lens and a vision for what is possible.

I am a published author and presenter of "Accessing Your Deeper Wisdom through Dreams, Guided Journeys and Meditation". I am a certified Clinical Meditation Teacher, Staff member of the Gestalt Center of Long Island and graduate of the International Institute for the Study of Dreams and Imagery. I also recently completed a certificate on Trauma in the 21st century at Adelphi University.

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