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Couples Psychotherapy

I work to make it safe for couples to be honest with each other.  Nothing shared in therapy is to be used against each other.  I also work to help each person understand and tolerate differences.  I like couples to imagine their marriage or  partnership as a ’third’ which helps both want to build and create versus blame and complain.  A healthy marriage or union nurtures individuality as well as partnership.

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Individual Psychotherapy

I integrate mindfulness as a powerful tool for healing throughout my psychotherapy practice. As a psychotherapist, I create an environment that encourages self-exploration and personal growth. I help my clients become aware of historical patterns that cause dysfunction and suffering in personal and professional relationships. I offer tools for my clients to transform these patterns into behaviors and coping mechanisms that promote self-fulfillment and personal achievement. I also help my clients value all levels of their experience: personal history, dreams and body symptoms. I have studied a multitude of ways to understand and promote change, providing my client with a multifaceted lens and vision for what is possible.

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