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Mindfulness / Meditations

I customize meditations and guided imageries for you that will address your specific needs. Meditation helps reduce anxiety and depression. It helps you to develop a place within of strength, clarity and wisdom. There is a way this practice invites you into a place of tranquility and a sense of spaciousness, a consciousness that widens your vision.

There are many different meditation practices. For example, you can gaze at on object while you become aware of your breathing. You can listen to certain kinds of music as you turn inward and deepen your awareness of the here and now. These are only a few examples of meditation practices. We can talk about which practice would work best for you so that you will have success and reach the goals you desire!


I can also design a mindfulness practice that is easy to incorporate into your every day life. You can use this practice while you are walking down a street, preparing for a meeting or competing in a sport, for example. Both of these practices improve the quality of your personal and work relationships because they reduce reactivity that comes from patterns formed by our historical relationships.


Guided Imagery meditations not only relieve stress; they can help you connect you to unknown resources and wisdom within you. For example, guided imagery can take you to the Inner Wisdom figure where you can receive help for particular issues. It is a way to form a deep bond with your inner life. When you value your inner life, you will have a feeling of being accompanied and guided by higher wisdom. It is important for me to know what kinds of imagery you like such as places in nature that resonate with what it is you want.

We will have a consult over the phone, Skype or in person at my office in Huntington, NY so that I know what specifically you need and what kind of meditation would work best for you. Then I will record your meditation or guided imagery so that you can down load it onto an mp3 recording on your phone.

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